About Us

InWanderment - Travel Photography, Writing and Social Media

Having travelled to over 40 countries, we can safely say that our passion for travel and adventure lies strongly at the heart of InWanderment.

Our mission is to share our adventures and inspire people to follow their passions and see what the world has to offer through travel stories, location hints and tips and through sharing our own experiences, both good and bad,  as we aim to see and experience as much of the world as possible!

Avid travellers and adventurers at heart, you can often find us up a mountain at sunrise or hiking to some remote waterfall in a random place no one has really heard of taking mental notes for the blog, capturing the landscape on our cameras and sharing our adventures with our friends and connections on social media!

We love nothing more than bringing the world to life!

Whether it be countries, national parks, beauty spots, or a remote waterfall in the Highlands, we love to share through photography, video and writing so as to invoke a feeling of awe and excitement in others, so they too get out there exploring!

Between us, we manage a blog, have a passion for landscape and travel photography & videeography as well as enjoying working with accommodation providers and outdoor & adventure companies to capture their products in nature!

Steffan at InWanderment


Best known for his dramatic landscape & travel photography. Steffan inspires other photographers to follow in his footsteps to capture the world as he does.

Waking up at the crack of dawn to take photos in the most appealing lighting is second nature to him. This sets his work apart from the rest and has earned him a well-established place among photographers in the travel & landscape communities.

He has recently diversified into the property and product photography markets and brings with him an abundance of knowledge to create awe and inspiration around his customers products

Emma at InWanderment


A travel blogger who passionately writes a personable account of InWanderment’s adventures.

Emma’s Honest accounts of her journey build a level of trust with inWanderment’s following, who rely on her advice to get the most out of their travels.

Having expanded into videography and video editing in more recent months, Emma has a passion for bringing experiences to life through visual storytelling whether that be on social media or for a client project.

Known as the face of InWanderment, Emma is passionate about connecting with her following, giving advice on travel, wellness, mental health and sustainability.

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