Why we're blogging

Steffan and I both have full-time jobs. We've read plenty of blogs about selling all you have, packing your things and taking off to live away from everything and everyone you know. For us this isn't realistic, we both love our families and couldn't leave them for a long period of time.


Instead, we plan to see the world in little bites that over time will sum up to one

big lifelong adventure!


We both love the idea of scrapbooking our photos and moments as we travel so that all of the amazing, weird, funny and perfect moments are in all one place. I love photos.. pictures you have bought, tickets to attractions, a random receipt that you have no idea what it represents but it’s in another language so it's going in the scrapbook anyway. Things that you can look at and it instantly brings back that moment, the feelings, sounds and voices to life again for a fleeting moment


So Steffan had the idea to blog and to record where we have been, what we loved, what was unexpected, some of our best memories and the things we really don't want to forget (Sometimes pictures aren't quite enough and words can bring pictures to life!).


We have both travelled a fair bit before we met and have seen some amazing places but we plan to up the ante, go full force on our travel plans, dive in at the deep end and probably end up completely broke and homeless by 2021 (This we will also blog).


We plan to be brutally honest, some of the things you can’t learn in guidebooks are our favourite moments. Travel isn't always old buildings, temples, safaris and amazing beaches (Although we bloody love these too!!). The things that happen to you as you go, that make us laugh, that stressed us out even (that made it OUR trip) are the things we want to capture and remember.



But in all honesty, we both want to see everywhere, as much as we can in our lifetime avoiding major war zones for obvious reasons but visit everywhere else. Maybe not anywhere too cold or where there is no food... but everywhere else.

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Let's get going!