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Where we're going

I absolutely love a plan. Or numerous plans. Just planning in general. And lists. Lots of them. I have always been like this. I write lists and plans for every part of my life, work, home, chores, packing and any other thing I can possibly extend to a full scale project, no matter how big or small. I think it goes without saying my favourite planning of all is of course completely focused on our travel plans!

So its no surprise that I have excitedly gone ahead and planned out the whole of our 2019 travel adventures and all the way up to May 2020. There is no stopping me once I start. Luckily Steffan is very accepting (excited even!) of me running riot with our travel plans, as despite him being much more chilled than I am, he does like to think on plans a little more. Look at routes, check out prices, work out how long we might want to stay in each place, you know, the important things you do need to consider when planning trips. Where as my impulsive nature means I don’t stop to think at all. I book accommodation, book flights, book tours, buy currency, book the annual leave off at work all in the space of around 6 hours and get super excited about it before even discussing it with him in any detail. Until I realise I didn’t give it enough thought and I then have to change dates, flight times and transfers, but even so, it works out in the end. And it means I get to come home on a random Wednesday evening and shout ‘I booked Corfu’ out of nowhere. It's fun.


So where are we going and when?


December 5th 2019


Vienna in Austria for three nights to wander around the Christmas markets, drink mulled wine and find out what the city has to offer. We are hoping to make a few day trips out of the stunning city too to see some of the more green mountainous areas of Austria!

January 2020


We have three nights booked in Steffan's home country of Wales. A small lodge overlooking farm fields and extensive countryside with a hot tub in our back garden, what more could we ask for to bring in the New Year? Three days full of hikes, pub lunches and stroking random farm animals.

April 11th 2020

Bangkok – Cambodia - Vietnam

Bangkok for three nights, travelling through Cambodia for seven nights stopping in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the amazing Angkor Wat and then on to Vietnam for ten nights travelling from Ho Chi Minh, on to Hoi An, jumping aboard a boat to explore Halong Bay and finally three nights in Hanoi before flying home.

July 2020


A week on one of the Greek islands. Beautiful Corfu! We both know far too many people that have been here and said it is stunning. Think white beaches and topical mountainous scenery! We are staying in a lake house, just a short 5 minute walk to the beach and plan to hire quad bikes and explore the island. 

August 2020


Back to the homeland. Wales. And this time I have booked us a shepherds hut overlooking Pen Y Fan and beautiful welsh valleys. More hiking and stroking sheep and I cannot wait!


October 2020

India and possibly, maybe the Maldives

India for seven nights  We will most probably do an organised tour for this trip, given we have little time due to annual leave and want to see all the main sights! Depending on how our savings go next year we really want o combine this trip with a few nights on a more budget friendly island in the Maldives to have some time to snorkel and decompress after experiencing hectic India!