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We don’t know what we are doing; Cameras, drones & awful geography knowledge

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Park Guell Barcelona Selfie

I have a habit or personality trait, I don’t know what you would call it. But basically I seem completely unable to not voice exactly what I feel and exactly what I am thinking immediately. With very little to none pre thought for;

a) the consequences


b) does anyone really want to hear it?

This will no doubt carry through to our blog posts as, well, I just cant seem to stop myself. And so as I am sat here drinking a glass of prosecco on a Saturday evening getting over excited that our post on twitter has been re-tweeted a grand total of three times, we have two extra followers on Instagram and completely surrounded by guide books, I notice a box in the corner of the room.

It’s the drone. Well the second drone. Yes that’s correct, a drone. A remote control flying camera holder so that we can film things from the sky. I am sure there is a much more technical explanation, but to me, that’s what it is.

A really expensive toy so that we can see things from up high.

Really high. I mean, loads of bloggers and vloggers use them, the videos look amazing and the scenery is next level beautiful. Sunsets, mountains, lakes and everything amazing you would ever want to see in a travel blog.

We researched into getting one after watching some amazing footage on YouTube of someone hiking in sri lanka and Steffan was so excited I just couldn’t consider us not having one…

My five minutes of google searching ‘can an eagle attack and steal a drone out of the sky?’ bought up very little evidence that this had ever happened. And when I say very little evidence, I mean absolutely none. It seems it hasn’t happened.

Yet…… So, completely convinced, I ordered one. Steffan was so excited, we watched numerous videos of Go Pro Karma footage on YouTube, read about how to use them and day dreamed together about the amazing footage we will get when we were away.

I mean since we are writing about our travels and photographing our travels, why the hell not also film our travels?! And not just at head height. No one does that anymore. Not in 2019. Lets film it from a ridiculous height. With a drone.

So last week, it arrived. I got a video message through whats app of Steffan with his brand new shiny toy!

And being very practical and an engineer (so he knows way better than I do how things work) he got the hang of it very quickly and sent me a few videos of what it can do. I was impressed. An amazing view, sunset, time lapse of cars…… everything we had hoped for. I sat there at my desk feeling smug and thinking just how amazing this was going to be on our travels!

And naturally when I got back home from work he couldn’t wait to show me how it flys and what it does. In hindsight flying it after a glass (or two) of wine probably wasn’t the best idea…

Yes, it happened. It flew straight into the side of the house. It dive bombed straight into a brick wall….

I have never seen such horror on his face as it dawned on him his brand new and very expensive drone had flown full pelt into the side of the house and crashed to the ground. I thought it was all over, but, it was salvageable, a few broken propellers which after a quick google search he realised you can replace fairly easily.

That was the first crash.

The second one, a complete obliteration of the drone into a tree at Puzzlewood which resulted in either paying over £300 for parts or ordering a new one.

We opted for the latter and told ourselves we know now better and it wont happen again as well as promising each other we would get insurance for it the second it arrived.

And whilst sat here on a Saturday evening, drinking prosecco, staring at the box which houses the second drone, it dawned on me, and not for the first time, that I have absolutely no idea what we are doing.

We have the latest Go Pro, a Go Pro Karma drone, a new camera, tripod, slider, memory cards camera bags, spare batteries and a bag to store it all in is on the way.

A completely accurate case of ‘All the gear and no idea’. And this wouldn’t be the first time this well-known phrase has been applied to me!

Steffan is absolutely over the moon, new toys to play with! And to be fair to him, he is definitely in the category of ‘all the gear and a very good idea’.

And, if he doesn’t know something he will look online, read books, watch videos, anything to make sure he does know exactly what he needs to know to get the best out of what we have.

Whilst I sit there feeling very overwhelmed and confused, stressed even, and trying my best to look excited about the numerous holders, gadgets and battery packs we are now the proud owners of in order to be competent travel bloggers.

Which may I add, are absolutely essential for the 2019 modern and adventurous travel blogger. Steffan is that person. I am more like the 1995, take photos of your tasty meals and write what you think after a few glasses of wine travel blogger…

We have a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a twitter page, a website, numerous notebooks with the scribblings of my over active mind and all the gadgets you could ever wish for. And yet I have no clue what I am doing.

The story of my life.

But, we started this blog for fun, so we have something to look back on in years to come when we have travelled numerous countries and completely lost our memories, so I guess it doesn’t really matter if we are ‘doing it right’. We are just going to run with it. 100% in.

Just like we have with our relationship, our extensive travel itinerary and grand master plan to see and conquer the world! Which by the way is generally my job. To plan.

Where we are going and when, the ‘rough’ (but secretly very in depth) itinerary, and how long we will spend in each location. And whilst I absolutely love travelling more than anything else in the world, my knowledge of Geography, where countries are and just how big they are is absolutely appalling!

I did get an A in my Geography GCSE, that said all I can remember is how rain and river water cycles, different kinds of rock and a bit of knowledge on the formation of Ox Bow lakes. Not helpful at all where travel is concerned. I have no idea where Vietnam is in relation to New Zealand, I can look at a map of a HUGE country but because its smaller than Russia think its tiny (ridiculous logic I know) and so my plans for our travels are often chopped and changed.

Sometimes daily, as I realise through using TripAdvisor or just google searching that you actually cant just ‘nip’ from one end of Vietnam to the other. There are flights involved, sleeper trains, night buses or hella long drives on bumpy horrendous roads involved and required!

And so, between us and in between working 9-5 jobs and trying to write a travel blog when we haven’t even been away much yet (but have numerous trips planned), were finding our way. Crashing things, making notes and plans and feeling over whelmed.

But, we started this because of our absolute passion and love of travel and this is what will drive us. Maybe in 12 months we will have some idea of whats going on, but in the meantime we have no idea what we are doing and have agreed to just enjoy the very bumpy ride!

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