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10 facts you didn't know about Luxembourg

Updated: Feb 28

Our trip to Luxembourg was unplanned and we were unprepared and I know what we were thinking. We never plan trips very well. And this is true.

But this time it really wasn't through any fault of our own.

Kind of.

We had four nights booked in St Petersburg in Russia which we were really looking forward to. It is a country we have both wanted to visit for some time and the buildings look magical!

However, we were completely unaware of the visa conditions. The face to face interview, the costs involved and the fact that actually, after all of that we may not even be granted entry! We also found this out just three weeks before we were due to fly.

Massive error.

We made the difficult decision to cancel the trip and change where we were going to go.

A habit I have to admit that I have been battling with for some years. Cancelling and changing trips. I am not proud.

Anyway after looking at flights on the dates we had booked for annual leave we chose the most obscure place that came up on sky scanner. We really hadn't heard much about Luxembourg at all and had no idea what was there.

So I set about googling information about Luxembourg and I have to say it barely helped at all with the planning of our trip but I certainly learnt some interesting facts about one of the smallest countries in Europe!


Number one

Luxembourg is the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world with a Grand Duke as head of state

Number two

Luxembourg’s current Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, was the first gay EU leader to marry. He married his partner, Gauthier Destenay, in 2015.

Number three

The entire country’s population is approximately 600'000 and 43% of which are foreign residents. It has the highest number of ex-pats among European countries

Number four

One of the country’s most famous attractions is the Bock Casemates, a 21-kilometre underground tunnel network.

Number five

This one amazed us...... Luxembourg has over 100 castles! 100 castles! For a country this small it packs a punch!

Number six

Luxembourg has 7 national parks so if you enjoy walking and beautiful scenery then this stunning country could be your perfect next trip!

Number seven

The country has three official languages and Luxembourgers are typically tri-lingual, with the country having three official languages: German, French, and Luxembourgish

Number eight

Luxembourg’s cuisine is heavily influenced by both French and German food traditions

Number nine

Luxembourg has the highest rate of car ownership in the world, say whatttt?

Number 10
Schiessentumpel Waterfull Mullerthal

Hiking! The famous Mullerthal trail runs through the heart of Luxembourg and the Little Switzerland area and is around 112km long with three loops. If you want to hike in Lord of the Rings esque scenery then this cannot be missed! We managed a full 20 minutes before feeling tired and returning back to the lodge to drink wine.

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