Our top five things to do in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a tiny country that packs a big punch!

From its grand historic castles and quaint chocolate box towns to Beautiful lush landscapes and alluring countryside hikes, Luxembourg has so much to offer!

It’s also worth noting the wine is REALLY cheap which if you are like us, and in fact, the majority of the human population will be music to your ears. Two euros for a really decent bottle of wine meant we drank way more than could ever be a good idea when you are battling a cold on a short break but we had fun and lived to tell the tale!

There really is so much to see and do in Luxembourg and four days was never going to be long enough, but here are our top five things that we enjoyed whilst exploring this corker of a European country!

Explore Vianden and its majestic castle

Vianden Castle, in Vianden in the north of Luxembourg

It’s not hard to see why Vianden is one of Luxembourg’s main tourist attractions. As you approach the quaint chocolate box town your eyes will first be drawn to the fairy tale castle peeking over the treetops and if you are driving, will not be able to resist stopping off to take some photographs. The castle with the green valley as a backdrop makes you immediately think of Disney films and stories of dragons and royalty. It’s a princess castle in real life and easily the most majestic castle we have seen. And we have seen some stunning castles!

Vianden is full of delightful colourful houses, welcoming cafes, and cobbled streets with the star of the show being the medieval princess Castle which sits proudly on a rock above the bustling town below. You could easily spend a full day here exploring the streets, the castle, taking the chair lift up to the viewing point and sitting in one of the cute cafes taking everything in!

Walk at least some of the picturesque Mullerthall trail

Mullerthall trail, Luxembourg

The Mullerthal region is one of the most popular hiking regions in Luxembourg and consists of 3 large trails over 112km long! It can keep you busy for days if you let it! It has well and truly earned its nickname, ‘Little Switzerland’ and the beautiful scenery reminds us of something straight out of the magical Lord of the Rings!

Good news for anyone that would love to get out there and soak it all in without having to train prior to arrival…. you can just dip in and dip out! There are numerous starting points and you can easily walk for an hour or two which is enough to experience its outstanding beauty without pulling any calf muscles!

Wander around Luxembourg city and explore the bock casemates

Luxembourg city is small and compact and easy to navigate on foot, hence why we decided to stay in the countryside and spend just the day in the capital.

Majestically set across the grand gorges of Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, it’s famed for its ruins of medieval fortifications. Aside from wandering the city streets and exploring the many restaurants and cafes.

The vast Bock Casemates tunnel network encompasses a dungeon, prison and the Archaeological Crypt, so if you do not get yourself lost, which is pretty much impossible, there is plenty to explore and entertain yourself with! Covering an area of 1100 meters squared and were built so that in the event of war, they could house several hundred soldiers.

Rich in history and both educational and fun, the bock casemates are an excellent way to enjoy a few hours.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Take a day trip to Bastogne and the fox holes

Bastogne and the fox holes, Belgium

If you like history you will love this one. And if you have seen Band of Brothers you will love it even more.

Luxembourg is a landlocked country, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany and we just happened to stay extremely close (a mere five-minute drive) to the Belgium border and the historic town of Bastogne. As soon as Steffan realised, this was right at the top of our list and sure enough on day two, we took the super speedy drive ready to immerse ourselves in World war II history!

We visited the Bastogne War Museum which was actually very interesting, even for those of you that have not seen Band of Brothers or have much of an interest in history! The whole museum was full of interactive exhibitions and videos and kept us entertained and learning for a good two hours! Which was perfect since the weather was horrendous.

We then decided to make the short drive to the fox holes to have a walk around and this was truly moving. Wandering through the towering trees and in between the fox holes which were decorated with flowers, Christian crosses and love notes was truly an experience we will not forget.

Take a drive through the picture-perfect countryside and wave to the cows

Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful countries we both have seen so far!

It is so green! Trees and forests as far as the eye can see standing proud and covering valley floors and sweeping hills. As you drive through the country leaving the city centre behind you are surrounded by fields full of cows and sheep on either side full of curiosity and creating a picture-perfect postcard! It is honestly stunning! If you choose to drive from the city to Vianden you will pass through the countryside anyway, but for a true Luxembourgish experience we recommend staying in a little village outside of the touristy areas and driving to sightseeing spots!

What better way to get to know a country than immersing yourself with the locals?

And what other country can you drive from one end to the other in just a few hours?


If you would like to learn some random Luxembourgish facts before you go – you can find some right here!

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