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When someone I vaguely knew on our Instagram approached me about this travel opportunity, I was a little cynical.



I work full time and I felt as though I couldn't possibly fit anything else in to my busy life and Steffan was also a little cynical after having a bad experience with an online business the year prior.


But I just couldn't get the opportunity out of my head and so I started to research and find out more about the opportunity, both through the Facebook information group, the lovely lady who introduced me to the opportunity and my own google searches and Facebook stalking, you cannot beat a Facebook stalk, am I right?


After weighing everything up, I decided I honestly had nothing to lose by giving it a shot. And I have honestly never looked back!



Within the first month I had

  • Booked a family safari earning over £2000 in commissions

  • I had booked numerous hotels and trips for ourselves, and was due to earn over £300 in commissions for a few nights away that I would have booked and paid for anyway!

  • Someone I had met through Instagram decided to join the business and I thoroughly enjoyed supporting her as she set up her own travel venture

  • I began studying and training towards becoming a Caribbean specialist at no additional cost to myself!

  • I had access to travel agent rates own trips just for being a Travel Agent!




The whole opportunity has been so exciting for me as working in travel is something I have always wanted to do but really have never had the opportunity to get into it and I didn't know where to start!


With this business you get the opportunity to work it around your other commitments and your life as there are no minimum hours and no targets.


You can become a Travel Agent just to benefit yourself in regards to your own travels. You can do it to book friends and family's holidays or you can build it into something much more!


Its completely your choice.


You also have the opportunity to build and grow a team of Travel Agents if that is something that takes your fancy, and whether it does or it doesn't, you may find it just happens naturally when people hear about the opportunity and want to be involved!


You will not only have my support throughout the whole process, you also have the backing of a 25 year Travel organisation, the support of other employees through Facebook groups and webinars, world class training and courses at your finger tips and access to booking through some of the biggest names in travel!


If this sounds like something you would be interested in get in touch and we can have a chat and see if this sounds like the right opportunity for you, which if you love travel, I can guarantee you will love this!




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