Five ‘Must try’ foods in Barcelona!

Pinchos (or pintxos) in Barcelona, Spain

I love food! Steffan loves food! Who doesn’t love food? Part of the excitement for us of going somewhere new is that we get to try new food…. We are kind of obsessed. No shame here! So it only made sense that we share with you some of the yummy goodies you can try when visiting the beautiful and rocking city of Barcelona!

Here is our top five!

Number one – Pinchos!

Pinchos (or pintxos) in Barcelona, Spain

If you try one thing, just one thing… try the Pinchos!!! (also spelt Pintxos) We didn’t discover them until day three and were absolutely in love the moment we tried them. So, what are they? They are small round slices of crusty bread topped with any number of delicious toppings from chicken and avocado, to shrimp and sweet chilli sauce to cheeses and pickles! They are held together with a cocktail stick which has a colour coded end which makes you aware of the price, so red for 1 euro 50, white for 1 euro, that kind of thing! And before you panic, as you are as rubbish at maths as we are, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The cocktail sticks are counted up at the end by the waiter and they work out the price for you! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Number Two – Botifarra!

Botifarra (pronounced butiˈfarə) is a type of sausage and one of the most important dishes of the Catalan cuisine

Do you like sausage? If so, look no further as Barcelona will supply you with your sausage fix! Botifarra (pronounced butiˈfarə) is a type of sausage and one of the most important dishes of the Catalan cuisine. Most local restaurants will offer some form of Botifarra and the good news (if you love getting extras with your food like we do) is they can be served stuffed with various other foods such as wild mushrooms, cheeses and even spicy meats! Simply delish!

Number three – Paella!

Paella, a traditional Spanish dish

Kind of an obvious one, but it needs to be reiterated. Barcelona does a mean paella! Being a city plonked right next to the sea, seafood is pretty big here and also has the benefit of being super fresh! Almost any restaurant will sell paella of some description and even offer vegetarian options starting at around 15 euros. For a tasty paella with a view head to Port Vell where you can boat watch whilst sipping on wine and eating the most popular dish in Spain.

Number four – Pa amb Tomàquet!

Dubbed as the best Catalan invention of all time this is absolutely worth being on your list of foods to try! Pa amb Tomaquet is a real fancy way of saying bread with tomato. And we can see why it needs a more suitably fancy name as it honestly has way more flavour than you could ever imagine coming from plain old bread and tomato. Served as a starter or a side its sure to get your taste buds moving and given Spain leads the world in olive oil production and it being a key ingredient in this staple food, we can see why they kick arse at making such a simple food taste pretty amazing!

Number five – Sangria!

Aperol Spritz on a city break

Okay so its not technically a food, but when we are away in a new country, we enjoy trying the local tipple just as much as we enjoy stuffing our faces with food! Sangria is the most popular dri

nk in Spain, made with red wine, fruits and some carefully selected tasty sweetener such as brandy with a splash of soda water, super tasty and super lethal! If ‘get you smashed in two sips’ red wine-based drinks are not your thing, ask for a glass of cava. Cava is a sparkling wine similar to Champagne which is actually produced in the Penedès region, just less than 50 miles from Barcelona. If you want something a little different and sangria and cava are not your bag, head for an aperol spitz! Whilst its actually an Italian cocktail, they are readily available in Barcelona and are refreshing and light in the hot weather! Either way make sure you get your drink on! You are on holiday after all!

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