Who are we?

Here is where we tell you all about us, what we enjoy other than travel, what we are good at and what we're not so good at and our life master plan.

We are Steffan aged 32 born in Cardiff, he speaks fluent welsh! Impressive right?

And I am Emma, aged 34, born in Walsall and struggle to speak fluent English before at least four cups of strong coffee....
Steffan is a talented musician playing piano, guitar, drums and has the voice to go with it. I honestly can't even play the triangle very well.


I can talk, way too much with little to no effort and can hold my gin better than most, (maybe not talents but I  am taking them anyway). He cooks an amazing meal and is creative with dinner ideas. I burn oven pizzas 9 times out of 10  and have been known to burn pretty much anything that is meant to be foolproof to cook or heat up. 

Steffan is a daredevil through and through, snowboarding came naturally on his first trip in January where he was attempting tricks and jumps on day two. I have been skiing four times and cried at least three times on each occasion. I have also been known to fake an injury or two.

However, if there is one thing I'm good at its planning and booking trips. Finding out places not too miss, what to see, and the things people don't think of or the places that get overlooked. 
We do have slightly differing travel styles, Steffan is very chilled out and likes to discover a new country as he goes, finding his own way. I am a planner, I like to know what's happening and when. I even have itineraries and lists to go with it.

For all of our differences, we share many things in common. Our love of food, alcohol, YouTube fail videos, cute animals, a varied and ridiculous taste in music, Netflix documentaries and a shared dislike for being too hot, too cold, tired and even slightly hungry.

But the biggest interest that we have in common, and the most exciting, is our love of travel


We are both so passionate, obsessed even, with seeing as much of the world as humanly possible in our lifetime. We realised this shared passion when Steffan bought us both a scratch map of the world just two weeks into knowing each other, so we could plan our trips together. Just a few weeks later we gave away one of the maps and decided to go at it as a team! Plus, I have no idea where we would have kept two maps...

We both absolutely love the excitement of discovering somewhere new, not knowing where you are (I mean, in my case, I kind of do as I have a plan, a map and a notebook with lists..) and the anxiety you feel about getting from A to B when you are relying on two to three words you have learnt in the local language an hour before on the plane...but we love it!


The other thing we are super passionate about is the fact we are free! Everyone is free. (Unless you are in prison of course) to live life exactly how you choose. Life is too short to not do what makes you happy and to not do what sets your soul on fire! We are not the most conventional couple (which we are proud of!). We had been together for only a short time, three months to be exact (at the time of starting this blog!), and despite social conventions and expectations of how we should be living our lives at the ages of 32 and 34, we have decided to spend all of our money on travel!


We decided in August 2020 during a worldwide Pandemic to take a month-long road trip around Scotland and get married under some oaks tree on the Isle of Skye... yes it was rainy and no there was no wedding dress but it was totally perfect for us and meant that the money we didn't spend on a big wedding we saved for more travel! 

We have absolutely no intention of saving for anything other than seeing the world. We have absolutely no intention of buying a house or doing anything remotely sensible and have wholeheartedly agreed to live life our way, by our own rules and do what we are passionate about. 

So Steffan suggested this idea to blog our travels so that in years to come we can look back and remind ourselves of all the amazing moments, memories and funny stories we have collected. And also, to remind ourselves why we are still living in a house share with absolutely no money at the age of sixty-five, surrounded by nothing but guide books and empty wine bottles....

We both have good jobs. So, for now, we plan to travel in between our 9-5 working week. This way we can actually fund our travel addiction! But who knows... one day we might pack our bags and take the plunge!


But in the meantime, we plan to blog our moments. The amazingly good, the slightly bad, the out and out odd or surprising! As well as great restaurants or amazing views not to miss, we will share things no one tells you. Or at least you cannot find out in a guide book. The kind of stuff they tend to leave out so that they remain professional and in business, the joys of not having an agent, or any money. Any undercover drug dealer spots to avoid (or look out for depending on your travel style!), places no one really hears about where you can get alcohol on the move. Mistakes or ridiculous decisions we have made and any imperfect stories or experiences we have had whilst travelling.


In between the way too long descriptions of things you probably don't need to know (but you may find amusing) and the photos we hope to create a good overview of our trips and travels.

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